MAZOR X Stealth EditionTM with Dr. Jeff Gum

*Filled to Capacity

Please join Medtronic and Dr. Jeff Gum as we host a cadaver lab focusing on the Robotic assisted MIDLIF procedure using the CD Horizon Solera System.  This will be a great opportunity to see the MAZOR X Stealth Editionā„¢ Robot in action and understand how spine surgeons are using the benefits of robotic software to allow for predictability of planning, precision of guidance and visibility of navigation.  Participants will also gain hands-on experience with the OARM - S8 navigation system and Aquamantys. We will also have a station that focuses on Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomies and Vertebral Column Resection (PSO/VCR).

SI-BONE Primary Surgeon Training

The course will focus on the diagnosis and the MIS surgical treatment of the SIJ. The program consists of a didactic session and an extensive cadaveric training session on the iFuse Implant System.  The didactic session will cover the anatomy and biomechanics of the SIJ, Diagnosis, and treatment options of the SIJ pathologies and review of the clinical literature on MIS SI joint fusion.

VERTICALEĀ® - The Posterior Spinal Fixation System

*Filled to Capacity

VERTICALE is a posterior double rod fixation system for stabilizing the thoracic and lumbar spine. In both open and minimally invasive use, VERTICALE allows degenerative spinal diseases to be stabilized in a controlled manner and deformities to be corrected conveniently.